COVID-19 Safety Precautions

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COVID-19 Safety precautions before taking class


1. Wait in your car until 5 minutes before class then go to the check in line or enter the building if no line is present.
2. Please wait your turn to have your temperature checked. If your temperature is under 100.4 then you may proceed to the next step.
3. A Hits employee will tell you your assigned station number.
4. Proceed to your numbered bag
5. Stay in your marked area

After Class

1. Wipe down the equipment you used but don’t put it back
2. Exit the building within 10 min of class ending

Reservation Cancellation Notice

Due to guidelines set forth by the State to run classes in our facility we must now enforce a late cancel and no show policy in fairness to all other members who are unable to come to a class due to being full but not attended.

You may cancel the class within 5 hours of the class. Late cancels of scheduled classes of less than five hours prior to class will be subject to an account charge of $10. Classes booked which are not canceled prior to class (no show) will be charged the class fee of $20. We are asking you do this out of courtesy to your fellow members and we understand life happens and you may need to change your plans.

Please be considerate and make adjustments to your scheduled classes a MINIMUM of two hours prior to class so everyone has the opportunity to work out and stay healthy.