Motivate Yourself at HITS Fitness Boxing.

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Motivate Yourself at HITS Fitness Boxing.

by Oliver Crawford

When we train hard, smart, and consistently at HITS Fitness we change who we are. We change our bodies, our health, and our perspective. Further, if you’re not a curmudgeon, you will even make inspiring friendships along the way. As a trainer, I find this to be an exciting endeavor. It may start with losing those first two pounds, breathing easier while climbing your office’s stairs, or feeling a greater sense of confidence. Whatever it is, these achievements spark continued dedication and strengthen your inner drive to achieve more. This is your motivation—this is your jet fuel. Does this resonate? Well, if the answer is yes, it is time to lock ‘n load and step through anything holding you back. It is time to motivate yourself at HITS Fitness Boxing!

Make the climb one step at a time. At HITS we are there with each step.
Begin your journey at HITS!

Swipe Distraction Stage Left

In this world of swiped images and a plethora of internet videos highlighting extreme fitness achievements of few, it is seductive to think your goals are minuscule. If you’ve ever thought that, YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

Trust Yourself!

Next time you’re in HITS, notice your exhaustion as you collapse on your heavy bag after an end-of-the-round burnout. Feel your rapid breath. Listen to the rhythm of the music thumping overhead, and in this fatigue shake your head “yes”. Mouth the words “I got this, this challenge is mine, and I am moving to what I want”.  If the eye of the tiger exists, you just hit it dead center. If we were training together now, I’d give you a marine “oooohhhrahhh!”.

Small Steps.

However, fitness is one part driving forward in the moment like a beast and one part long-term dedication. Your motivation must feed both. This is where “small steps” becomes a valuable training mantra. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you be. Make the small choice to eat an extra serving of vegetables when you normally would not, drink one more glass of water today, or get to one more calorie shredding HITS class. These “small steps” are kindling to fuel your burgeoning fitness fire.

Creating a Habit.

Moreover, cultivation of small steps today will lead to habit formation tomorrow. To establish a fitness habit is winning early before knowing it. Your weight may not have been lost yet and your form may still need tinkering, but the canal has been dug and the river is flowing–ride the current.

Take up the Challenge–Motivate Yourself at HITS Fitness Boxing.

Finally, our challenge to you: make small steps starting today. It is time to motivate yourself at HITS Fitness Boxing! “Do or not do. There is no try.” -Yoda